Gender and Development

COA Regional Office No. X Gender and Development (GAD) Focal Point Sub-System 
(As per Office Order No. 2019-642 dated August 1, 2019)

Regional GAD Focal Point: Regional Director CELSO L. VOCAL

Asst. Regional GAD Focal Point: Assistant Regional Director JERRY K. MERO

Committee on Audit and Gender Issued Analysis
Chairperson: Cecilia A. Pontillas, SA V
Vice Chairperson: Rosalie N. Pelonio, SA IV

Committee on Protection of Women
Chairperson: Marilou C. Mampao, SA V
Vice Chairperson: Maryville S. Labitad, SA IV

Committee on Finance
Chairperson: Myrna B. Ofngol, Director II
Vice Chairperson: Gladys Myer C. Ebana, SAE II
Member: Ellen B. Go, SA II

Committee on Personnel Welfare
Chairperson: Josie J. Rodriguez, SA V
Vice Chairperson: Rodna Eusebia R. Alenton, Supervising AO

Committee on Training and Advocacy
Chairperson: Adolfa A. Creayla, SA V
Vice Chairperson: Marittee T. Ebonia, Training Specialist IV
Member: Sheila M. Lamberang, Training Specialist II

Committee on Sports and Physical Fitness
Chairperson: Rogelio M. Tero, SA V
Vice Chairperson: Renie D. Penados, Chief TAS
Member: Eduardo D. Gamolo, Senior TAS

Committee on Database & Website Development and Maintenance
Chairperson: Carlo M. Galenzoga, Director II
Vice Chairperson: Joseph O. Pagala, ITO II
Member: Nina R. Guingguing, CMT II

Chairperson: Emedita T. Legara, Director II
Vice Chairperson: Elma P. Cunanan, Chief AO
Members: Elaine V. Luzon, Training Specialist III
                   Amalia A. Edubas, SA I
                   Marlo Vocal, GAD JO



  1. Take the lead in mainstreaming gender perspective in the PPAs of the Regional Office;
  2. Provide technical assistance to the regional office on gender mainstreaming;
  3. Lead in setting up appropriate systems and mechanism to ensure the generation, processing, review and updating of sex-disaggregated data or GAD database of the Regional Office to serve as basis in performance-based responsive planning;
  4. Spearhead the preparation of the GAD Plan and Budget (GPB) and the Accomplishment Report (AR) of the Regional Office;
  5. Lead in monitoring the effective implementation of GAD-related policies and the annual GPB;
  6. Establish and strengthen the external link with the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) and other agencies or organizations working on women's rights and gender and development to harmonize GAD efforts at various levels of governance; and
  7. Recommend and plan an appropriate capacity development program on GAD for COA employees as implemented under COA's regular human resource development.