Apart from the “Panunumpa ng Watawat ng Pilipinas” at “Panunumpa ng Kawani ng Gobyerno”, the Integrity Pledge is envisioned to reinforce and remind COANs of their sworn duties and responsibilities as government officials.  The Integrity Pledge is forefront of the programs of the present Commission Proper composed of Chairperson Michael G. Aguinaldo, Commissioner  Jose A. Fabia and Commissioner Roland C. Pondoc.

Under the initiative of Regional Director Celso L. Vocal, Asst. Regional Director Jerry K. Mero, ATFS Director Myrna B. Ofngol, Supervising Auditors Cecilia A. Pontillas and Edgardo Melendez, ATL Mila Banaag and the COA Water Districts group & Other CGS Stand Alone Agencies,  the COA Region X also highlighted the November 18, 2018 Integrity Pledge with a short film entitled “Kaligdong”.

Kaligdong“KALIGDONG” which is a Visayan term for “Integrity & credibility” is basically about a government auditor’s life spiced up by the intricacies of audit work. The film was directed by Mr. Adrian Rey Manapil and Ms. Ruby Pearl Manapil and written by Auditor Jennica Rose Madela.

The story was inspired by a Supreme Court Decision, docketed GR No. 166967, 166974 and 167167 on a cash examination that disclosed a shortage of P18 million in the year 1998. Several true to life auditors’ experiences were collated and integrated to portray the various challenges confronting COA auditors.

Kaligdong is starred by COANs Mara Andrea Andaya, Sheena Josel Abne, Kaycee Matito, Christian Clapano, Faizal Buctuan, Jenny Ann Minoza, Jennica Madela, Reah Kris Tradio, Albert Lungay, Louis Andrew Akut, John Bryan Revillas, Allen Abellanosa, May Caday, Cloyd Nipales, Ruby Manapil, Jamaal Amerol, and Franz Dobluis.  The film was more enlivened with the special participation of Michelle Albinda, Jasmine Caday, Rodulfo Casil III and Lyndie Taneo.

Throughout the short film Kaligdong, one could learn by heart the weight and responsibilities of becoming a government auditor -- the unsung heroes one could have met day to day -- the unsung heroes each COAn should come to be -- the unsung heroes in one’s own way.

Some 400 COA Region X personnel attended the solemn activity of taking their pledge of integrity before Hon. Commissioner Roland C. Pondoc. The actual taking of the Pledge of Integrity was followed by a ceremonial signing of the Integrity Pledge printed in a large tarpaulin posted on the wall that served as the stage backdrop.

Commissioner Pondoc, Directors  Vocal and Mero and the Supervising Auditors and Service Chiefs led the ceremonial signing.IntegPledgeArticle

In his inspirational message, Commissioner Pondoc was emphatic of  the Commission Proper aiming to build a character of integrity within  COA and to instill reminders of living a life of a good public servant, of avoiding corruption and of doing the right thing at the  right time.  He was even more emphatic that something has to be done to address the worsening problem of corruption.  He stressed that success will come and go but integrity is forever. As to him, dishonesty may provide gratification for a moment but that it will never last.             

During the program, Atty. Jennevieve Jane R. Maglinao, OIC-Service Chief, Fraud Audit Services discussed the salient features of the Revised Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees and correlated it to the Panunumpa ng mga Kawani ng Gobyerno.  The spectacular power point presentations made the discussions exceptionally animated.

Adding entertainment to the program was the role playing of selected newbies of the Technical Services Support Group.  The newbies dramatized the usual technical service activities.  They made the crowd burst to laughter as they injected humour in their conversations.      

Meanwhile, three COA Region X technical personnel, Engrs. Joseph O. Pagala, Reynaldo N. Monteza and Eduardo Gamolo, were conferred Service Excellence Awards.  The awards are in recognition of their exemplary performance  as resident engineers of the various COA Region X infrastructure projects that include the construction of the three Provincial Satellite Auditing Offices.

In the morning of November 29, 2018, Commissioner Pondoc had a forum with the faculty and students of the Lourdes College, majority of whom are from the Bachelor of Science and Accountancy.  Meant to bring COA closer to the public through the students, the forum aimed to familiarize the students with the mandate and functions of the Commission if they opt to work with the government. 

[Photo credits to Mae Cris Largo Catalonia to some photos]