Regional Director's Message

xmasstreelightWe are too busy. Time is so precious. We cannot afford spending much of this precious time researching for criteria to sustain our audit findings. There is hope. The COA website helps. A few clicks on our keyboard or the keypad, right away, a wide range of potential criteria is ours to select from.

Benefits derived from the website is not only that. The benefits are almost unlimited. This year's launching of the COA Region X Website is irrefutably one of the most important events, if not the peak, that leaves an indelible mark for 2018.  With our COA Region X Website, we will soar high in 2018 and we will continue soaring high in the years to come.  This year and years to come, the COA Region X Website will keep us all in COA Region X connected - connected with the rest of the Commission on Audit, the rest of the country and even the rest of whole planet Earth.

Could it be that the COA Region X Website is very much a part of God's plan--to proclaim the Gospel to all creations? In this wise, the COA Region X is a Gospelaire - spreader of the Good News--the Good News of Salvation! What does this mean? This means that in the COA Region X Website, everyone is encouraged to publish moral articles that has a great impact in COA's long fight against graft and corruption.  Agreeably with Commissioner Roland C. Pondoc, greed is the root cause of all graft and corruption.  These moralistic articles that we will post in the COA Region X Website would truly be the most effective antidote to root out the poisonous graft and corruption living deep down within, I hope, not some, but, very few of us.

For all this, the COA Region X Website is our best gift too this Christmas. I wish for a long and meaningful life of the COA Region X Website! This Christmas, I wish it fully "funtastic" for all of us! And of course a Merry Christmas is not complete without greeting you all: Happy New year!


Regional Director